Our pre and post sales support is unsurpassed. Our dedicated teams offer design support and pre-sale, which can be consistent with a schematic of the proposed system, ensuring that the specification is correct from the first time. Our after-sales support includes testing and commissioning advice, backed up by both our own in-house repair service and that of our manufacturers.

Design Assistance

Our design assistance practice stems from our extensive experience in the audio visual sector. Through our collective technological expertise, industry knowledge and global business best practices, our certified audio visual professionals offer a comprehensive set of design services that are innovative, advanced and practical From research, analysis of the needs of design concepts, preparation of documents to technical compliance, our team will guide you completely in your initiative of transforming AV

  • Need Analysis
  • Functionality Statement
  • Concept Design
  • Detail design & Budget
  • Onsite inspection and support
  • Certification

AV System Commissioning

AVIT offers professional Testing and Commissioning expertise in the maintenance, testing and commissioning services of audio-visual systems.
The implementation of the project is not only an activity to examine systems, at the end of a project. It includes activities from the program phase to the end, testing, alignment and handover to end user. We use as our guide the procedures described in the manual commissioning of buildings published by the Association of Building Commissioners. These procedures are increased and adjusted for the implementation of the audio visual system according to the book of good audio visual practices and our ongoing work with the relevant international standards. To this end, we propose the commissioning

Program Verification and  Commissioning Goal setting

At the inception of the project, the AV program must be reviewed and the AV system integrated into the commissioning plan. Part of this activity is to define the system performance targets for each main subsystem in the AV project: Audio, Video and Control. These objectives include parameters such as the contrast ratios and the sound / sound reinforcement of the signal and the gain before feedback information system and its coverage of the navigation system control performance.

Design Phase Monitoring

In a 3rd Party commissioning role, design documents are reviewed to monitor the implementation of the program and, if necessary, adjustments to the implementation of the plan as project progress is achieved.

Construction / Installation Phase Monitoring

Follow-up of the construction process is planned as required depending on the configuration of the project team. Tasks such as application and review reviews or pre-installation critical test reports are provided in preparation for final installation and commissioning

Testing and Assessment

AVIT offers a variety of testing and evaluation services as independent evidence and as part of a commissioning or evaluation suite. We have a wide variety of test equipment, commercial and industrial for use in our degree testing, and to follow national and international standards (such as ANSI, ASTM, ISO and IEC) when available for our procedures and Analysis of test data. When standards are not available, evidence is based on industry best practices from a variety of sources, including Infocomm, industry benchmarks, and our own experience of pro AV

Tests can be performed on existing facilities as part of an individual room or campus assessment. The evaluations are generally very detailed and cover all aspects of the installation covering the electronic design and installations, the quality of the installation and the operational characteristics of technology and space. The plan of the space, of the sight lines, finishes the acoustic chamber, the lighting and the furniture are part of the architecture magazine. Audio, video and control design and installation are covered for electronic systems

Assessing System Performance

The scope of an assessment may vary depending on the needs of the clients, but the effort usually focuses primarily on performance end systems for users:

Video and audio performance from the system input to the system output, including the effect of the environment on the user experience.

Evaluations also include a detailed design and installation review of user requirements for data and a view of the facility installation, its quality and effect on system performance, and design.
Finally, we carried out a review of the design, implementation and performance of the control system user interface, as control system is usually the key to the success or failure of a system, often regardless of Audio and video performance.

Testing Services

The scope of an assessment may vary depending on the needs of the clients, but the effort usually focuses primarily on performance end systems for users:

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