AVIT creates the demand and availability of audio, video, multimedia, lighting communications solutions and through the progress of channel management and brand development, promotion, training and application and implementation Support, sales incentives and value-added supply programs.

Where we differ from run of the mill distributors is our technical expertise, our focus is not to distribute competitive products, not to represent too many manufacturers, to offer an extensive training program for partners, an enviable reputation, our commitment to customer service, consistency and longevity.

Our main belief is that everyone has market share. Each outlet, no matter the size, has a sphere of influence to connect deeply with end customers. We want to strengthen your model and methods to increase its offer and service. Our resources are available to you as a reseller support. Get to know us and be a better part of your business.

In association with AVIT, we thought you would find it obvious. We were there. Many of us have worked for manufacturers, distributors and integrators. Like you, we have lived up to project deadlines. We know what it feels like to just want the confidence that the components arrive in time for the installation date. That everything will work together, as you have been told and someone will be available to ensure the smooth start up and Respond as long as everything is a problem on the line.

We do not just read a computer screen and shrug. We do not like the "no" or the words "I cannot" as much as you do. Not only do we want the job to be completed successfully, we want to continue to earn your business for years.

Our Technology Partners

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