AuviTran proposes a wide range of audio networking products (Audio Toolbox, Network Bridges, Breakout Boxes, Software). The last-born is the AVDT-BOB a compact Dante Microphone Breakout Box.

AuviTran’s devices are available all around the world thanks to our distributors: New York, Sao Polo, Tokyo, Hong-Kong, Lohne and many others … We can use few adjectives to qualify AuviTran’s products:

Smart and flexible: AuviTran proposes versatile, smart and flexible platforms bringing converge among network technologies and a large choice of audio interface cards.

Expandable: Products fits your need, pick your own version, whether you need a 1U/ 2U racks, a StageBox or Installation versions or just a new card will upgrade your system later.

Sustainable: This is what we had in mind when we developed a product. All AuviTran products are designed and realized with passion as well as a concern for the environment and of choice of quality materials. They are designed in France and made in Europe.


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